Department of Public Affairs, FGU

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Purpose of DPA

The world is the world

Public affairs is a study of the world. Whether in the public sector of domestic or foreign governments or non-profit organizations, the planning and management of public affairs is an important force in promoting social reform. An excellent public affairs operator, what is most needed is a rich education, correct ethics, Hongda's instrumental knowledge and self-contained feelings. Public affairs managers must not only cooperate with the characteristics of the public sector environment, but also with the application of enterprise management strategies and technologies, in order to properly integrate various social and economic resources and reflect the public interest. This involves management, law, politics, society, psychology, finance, and so on. With the increasing complexity of public affairs and rapid changes in the environment, effective cross-domain integration, flexible ability to respond to changes, and macro vision are prerequisites for today's public affairs professionals.
On the other hand, with the close cooperation between the two sides in economic cooperation, it has gradually replaced the political tensions of the past years. China's special political and social systems and the cultural habits of the people are quite different from those of Taiwan. In addition, the economies of Southeast Asian countries have gradually developed in recent years, but Taiwan's understanding of related fields is insufficient. Therefore, the department will also be at various levels. By understanding the differences between the two sides of the strait and mastering the international situation, we can stand on the foot of Taiwan, embrace the two sides, and look to the world.