Department of Public Affairs, FGU

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Dean’s words

Dear classmates and parents,
  First of all, you are welcome to visit the website of the Department of Public Affairs of Foguang University. Whether you want to know more about the relevant information of this department, or the new students who are going to join the department, or the students who have already studied in this department, here I sincerely greet you all.
  In 2001, the department began to enroll students in the master's degree. The department's bachelor's class was enrolled for the first time in 2002. In the same year, it also opened a master of public affairs program (MPA). After more than 10 years of development, it also merged with the department of international and cross-strait affairs in 2012. The department has merged, but still maintains the original name of the Department of Public Affairs. It can be said that the department's learning horizons will be further expanded, and the department's teachers and course content will be more diverse.
  At present, both the Bachelor and Master's classes of the department are divided into two groups: the Administrative Management group and the International and Cross-Strait Affairs group. Under the two frameworks, the Bachelor's Program develops three professional courses: “Administrative Management course program”, "International and Cross-Strait Affairs course program ", "Public Relations and Political Marketing course program ". Bachelor students can take two courses of course as the professional knowledge base for future career development. In fact, the academic background of the three courses has the favorable conditions for inter-disciplinary knowledge, which makes the future career development of graduated students more broad, for example:
  1. Can become a professional administrative or international affairs talent at all levels of government agencies, private enterprises and non-profit organizations;
  2. Can become professionals whose jobs is to engage in public policy solutions and project management;
  3. Familiar with cross-strait affairs and political and economic development in Southeast Asia, and assist multinational corporations or Taiwanese businessmen on both sides to conduct communication and negotiation, risk analysis and market research;
  4. Can become a professional in the fields of big data analytics, opinion polls and marketing;
  5. Can become professional assistants and policy marketing talents for politicians at all levels of government.
  I have been in the department for 17 years and I am very grateful to the school board for the support and management of this university. From the beautiful and tranquil forest campus of Foguang University you can overlook the green and beautiful Lanyang Plain. When looking at the Pacific Ocean, students can feel at ease and prompte their enthusiasm to learn more. I believe that studying at the Department of Public Affairs at Foguang University is the best choice for your lifelong learning and career development.
Sincerely yours,
Shih-Jye Chang,
Associate Professor and the Department Chair