Department of Public Affairs, FGU

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Department Characteristics

Seeing the future in the Department of Public Affairs

In addition to the well-designed curriculum structure, the Department of Public Affairs of Foguang University has set up a public opinion survey research center and an international and cross-strait research center to train relevant professionals. Outside the classroom, students will be arranged to participate in international and cross-strait exchanges through various industry and education cooperation opportunities. Through overseas internships and trainee arrangements, they will expand their practical experience and understand the current situation of the industry. Due to the well-planned curriculum and the provision of counseling courses for employment examinations such as public officials and sightseeing guides, students have a comparative advantage in public and certification examinations. Those who are interested in public sector services can participate in the high-level examinations and serve as public officials at all levels of government. The career path outside the public 
 is also very diverse.

Based in Taiwan, with both sides of the strait, looking at the world

International and Cross-Strait Affairs

In response to globalization and the development of cross-strait relations, the department aims to cultivate foreign-related personnel required by government departments, transnational corporations and non-profit organizations, such as foreign news and economic and trade personnel, and related departments of the two sides of the Taiwan Affairs Council, such as the Mainland Affairs Council and the SEF. Foreign personnel, as well as professionals from large enterprises and cross-strait Taiwanese businessmen in communication and negotiation, business research, international procurement, marketing and political risk analysis.

 Policy and Administration 

Graduates of this group with policy planning and administrative management talents, in addition to applying for relevant national examinations and public duties, can also serve as congressional assistants, representatives of public opinion, and policy analysis of private think tanks. If you want to develop into a private enterprise or a non-profit organization, you can display administrative expertise in professional managers, human resources management, public relations, and business planning.