Department of Public Affairs, FGU

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About Us

The main educational purpose of the Department is to cultivate public affairs managers recruited to work for governments, non-profit organizations, multinational corporations and private companies. The Department includes two core programs: (1) The Program of Administrative Management; (2) The Program of International Affairs and Cross-strait Affairs. From the perspective of inter-disciplinary integration, we expect our students to become professional managers with public service spirit and international vision. The Program of Administrative Management encompasses a wide range of courses: Public Administration, Public Policy, general basic law courses, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, and Non-profit Organization Management. After graduation, besides working as public servants in the government sector, students can also be employed doing the job of human resources management, public relations or business planning in the private enterprises or non-profit organizations. The Program of International Affairs and Cross-strait Affairs offers the following courses: Political Economy, International and Cross-strait Relations, International Organization and International Law, International Trade, Transnational Culture and other diverse areas. In addition to setting the cornstone of the theory through classroom teaching, students have the opportunity to attend Industry-University Collaboration Projects (business internships, short-term trainees, exchange learning) to expand student practical experience. And then they could understand the status of industry in Southeast Asia. The Department also provides an extra program, naming Public Relations and Political Marketing. This Program offers Communication and Negotiation, Crisis Management, Policy Marketing and Public Relations Activities and other professional training courses for the practical needs of political and corporate PR . We also have an opinion poll center to train professional pollster.